Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Why do people shoot the Sun

Why do we shoot pictures of a sunrise or sunset? Because:
"It is so beautiful."
"It is so colourful."
"Want to record this moment."
"To show to others."
And so on.

The fact is that sunsets and sunrises are perhaps the most shot pictures in the world. Across the globe, on the hills, plains, forests, mountains, sea or even behind buildings or monuments, people keep shooting the Sun! The Sun doesn't seem to mind it, except when it hides behind the clouds. With the advent of digital photography and phone cameras, age is no bar for taking pictures.
This story proves the point. See a nine year old in action too!

Taken over three days at Suryalanka beach, these pictures show the excitement of shooting the Sun. 
This is 4.45 AM and Nikhil was up along with his parents thanks to the jet lag!

How can a 17 month old toddler be left behind?

Hope you enjoyed the transition from pictures of moon rise (click here to browse the pictures if you missed it)  to sun rise.
Do share your pictures or anecdotes.

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   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 29th June 2016

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