Friday, 3 June 2016

Ansh enters the Teens

When your grandson enters his teens, you feel thrilled. Thrilled as if you yourself are entering the teens! Am sure grandparent readers will echo the feeling!

Here is a small poem written for our grandson Ansh (son of Prabjoth and Ankush Bhargava at Chennai).

Ansh enters the Teens

“Oh boy Grandson ahoy”
We all shouted with joy

When Ansh arrived this day twelve years ago
And made us feel ‘mast’ मस्त in Hyderabadi lingo

Today he is a tall and intelligent boy
Outgoing though a bit shy and coy

His detailed knowledge of super-cars will floor you
Not only the make and model but tech-specs too

He loves playing the keyboard
As much as cycling on the road

Very fond of homemade Cup Cakes
And whatever else Amma bakes

Offer him Besan laddoos and you get a ready smile
But if it’s vegetables, he will run away as far as a mile

Bathing at the beach is fun
But daily bath he may shun

Ansh excels in studies and games too
And every year wins a prize or two

He may fight but cares for Anuva like a big brother
And waits for the good night hug from her no matter

Even though twelve, he still likes to play with Dadu-- “Whose baby?”
And Dadu tickles him till Ansh switches from Dadi’s to Dadu’s baby!

As our Ansh enters his exciting teens
We wish his life to be full of beans

Like going on an adventure camp or a hike
Or a tiger safari or a long ride on a bike

We all wish him a very happy birthday

May God be with him today and every day!

With love and blessings
  • Elfo, Badi Amma, Dadi and Dadu@Secunderabad
  • Bade Babaji, Chote Dadu-Dadi@Jaipur
  • Naman, Nikhil, Bhui, Puphaji@USA
  • Kruger, Anuva, Amma and Appa@Chennai
  • Nanu, mausis and families@Mumbai, Pune and USA
Secunderabad/ 4th June 2016

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