Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Friends and Facebook

A recent post by a facebook friend mentioned 'train' friends of yesteryears. It brought back memories of long train journeys with our family. Yes, New Delhi to Madras Central (now Chennai central) by Janta Express took two nights and three days! While in the train, we met other families and became 'friends'. Such 'train' friendships unlike today's facebook friends, lasted longer sometimes for years. We wrote letters and exchanged greetings. It was fun making friends that way and remain connected. We also used to have 'pen' pals. Ghumakkad had posted a story on one such train journey and ingenuity of a family in the same coach, to make the twin babies comfortable. Click to browse the picture story.

In today's fast paced world, friendships are made by click of a mouse or tap of a finger on a smartphone. Numbers seem to count more than common interests or taste. You click and click again, adding to your friends list. With how many of such 'click friends' have you actually clicked? Ever asked that question?

This led me to a quotation by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. He wrote on the relationship between seagulls and the waves. Here is a PQ-- picturesque quote with Tagore's quotation. The picture of seagulls was taken on the Saurashtra coast couple of years back. The seagulls looking at the waves symbolise the quotation written 100 years ago. It kind of summarises the friendships of today. Tap tap tap-- friend, friend friend!
By no means are we advocating you to quit social media. All we are saying that periodically take a look at your 'friend' list. With how many have you maintained a 'personal' touch or exchanged a message? Or is the friendship more like the seagulls and the waves? You only can answer.

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    Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 15th June 2016