Friday, 24 June 2016

Moon's Magic at Sea

The Moon and the sea have a special relationship. Mariners like me have spent countless nights at sea-- adoring the moon and its reflection. It gave time for introspection.

Last week we were on a family holiday at Suryalanka beach, Andhra Pradesh India. It was a full moon and as it rose from the sea late evening, it cast a magic spell. The glow of the moon, reflection on the wet beach, fading light, silvery surf-- all of it added to the magical impact. Many a poet have written about the moon. Ghumakkad will refrain from further writing. Let the pictures do the talking. 
 Beaches are meant for strolling apart from a swim. I was returning from a walk as it was getting dark.
And behind me the magic was unfolding-- full moon was rising from the eastern horizon. 
 As I came closer to the sit out area where Neeta had been relaxing, she took this shot. Don't miss the picture credit to her!
 And then both of us were busy admiring the scene and taking few pictures. Does it cast a spell on you also?

Despite full moon, the night got darker. You may have to strain your eyes to see the silhouette of the palms through which the moon was shot.

 It was time to return to our rooms for the night. Early next morning on a walk, I spotted the moon on the western horizon, yet to set. Gradually as the day dawned, the moon faded away and the Sun took over.

Being located on a east-west axis, Suryalanka offers a unique treat to witness a sun rise and a moon set on the same beach. The beach at Suryalanka which is exclusive and unpolluted, is also home to the Sand Bubbler Crabs (Click to browse our earlier story on the crabs). 

We also shot a 30-second video to give you a panoramic view of the beach and the excitement of watching a sun rise and moon set at the same time! The video also shows Ankur, Akanksha, Nikhil and Naman doing their own thing at the beach.

More on the beauty of a sun rise and crabs-at-work in next stories.

Postscript: Dr M Sitaram, a retired Colonel from Army Medical Corps, renowned cardiologist in Hyderabad and a shutter bug like Ghumakkad wrote:
Dear Ghumakkad, Thanx for the lovely pictures of the real "Honey Moon"!
By intention or accident you have caught the images of the famous 'Strawberry Moon', an important celestial event which occurred on 20 Jun 16 when the Summer Solstice (longest day of the year) coincided with the full moon. Astronomers the world over / nature lovers were waiting for the moon rise that evening at many places for the magnificent sight (while I watched it from terrace of my humble home) and you were correctly positioned with a camera at Suryalanka Beach to capture a rare event which I believe occurs only once in 68 years! 
Hearty Congrats! Please read all about it at #FullMoonSoistice on the net (twitter I think). Of Course you might be knowing all about it even when you planned your holiday!
Thanks for this revelation Dr Sitaram. We had planned to be at the beach on full moon but did not know that it was once-in-68-years opportunity! Wow!

Thanks for browsing.

       - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with Neeta Bhargava/ 24th June 2016

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