Sunday, 19 June 2016

Father's Day Hike

Father's Day (celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June every year) flooded the media with pictures of Dad's around the world.
Rightly so.
We all owe so much to our parents. What gift can you give to your father on such a day? Think.

I got the greatest gift today. Guess what?
It was an hour's hike with my nine year old grandson Nikhil who is visiting us from USA. What more can a grandpa ask for?

It was a cloudy morning not the best of the days for photography. But today photography took a back seat. Nikhil and I started around 7 AM. Sun was hidden behind the clouds. Our destination was a small hill in Secunderabad Cantonment which has a dargah दरगाह on top. After I showed the hill from a distance and told Nikhil "We are going to climb that small hill today". He sized up the hill and said " Not that small!"

At the base of the hill, I asked Nikhil, "Shall we take the steps or go up the rock directly?" Without any hesitation, he answered "Directly". It showed his confidence-- at least for a while. After initial few steps up the steep slope, he asked  "Are you sure this is the right way?" And I had to hold his hand in confirmation.

Like all of us in life when faced with a challenge, a bit of encouragement and support is all that we need. This nine year old showed that he could do it. We pressed on.

Midway up the slope, we paused and caught our breath. The view was worth it. Nikhil quipped "This is nice"! And we kept going.

As we neared the hill top, the dargah came into view along with few hikers who had already reached there. A small hill but a big climb for a nine year old child. We also shot a short video.

After going around the hill top, we took some pictures on the eastern face of the hill. See the solid granite rock face in the picture below.

We then took a short cut down hill. It was slippery with lose stones.

It led us to a quarry where granite had been mined earlier. Perhaps, it may have been an illegal quarry. Nikhil enjoyed the granite blocks. A picture. More pictures later.

On the way down, we crossed an adventure training group. They were doing a one-legged race and drill. They had divided the path to the dargah into two halves. After one group finished the race-cum-run, Nikhil too did it. And with his springy legs and strides, he outran all the adults.

Nikhil negotiated his way into the well of the quarry which we had mentioned earlier.

He loved jumping from one granite block to the other!

Hikers need replenishment. Nikhil enjoyed his banana after he we returned to the car.

How can  a story be complete without a selfie? It shows grandpa-grandson duo with the green cover of Secunderabad in the background.
Hope you enjoyed the impromptu hike as much as I did. On Father's Day, I could not have asked for a more precious gift. Thank you Nikhil and thank you Ankur and Akanksha. Come again for another hike!

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   Harsh-Ghumakkad/ Father's Day 19th June 2016

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