Thursday, 7 July 2016

Where is the gun on Gunrock

Gunrock in Secunderabad is a major landmark. Ghumakkad had brought you stories of Gunrock earlier (click here to view previous picture story Boulders Speak ). Every time we climb the rocks, camera's shutter doesn't stop clicking. But this story is special- because selection of pictures, giving a caption and watermarking-- has all been done by a nine year old! Thank you Nikhil for donning the role of Ghumakkad-the-Junior!

Cloudy Sunday morning in July-- not a perfect day for photography. But it was Junior Ghumakkad's last weekend in Secunderabad. So, five hikers set off at 6 AM. A word about each of them:
Nikhil: 4th grader from California USA. Loves soccer and hiking.
Dia: 9th grader from Army School, Secunderabad. A tennis enthusiast who writes well
Siddhi: Just finished school. Aspires to be a veterinarian. Loves Nature and photography.
Sridhar: Former Captain, Indian Army. Fitness guru who loves gardening.
Harsh: The Ghumakkad- not in the picture below.
No more writing. Let the pictures with captions  by Nikhil do the talking.

Hurray, we have done it!

This is the water tank on top of the Gunrock.

 The water tank built in 1882, continues to be in use.

 We met another family who had toddlers climbing the rocks very deftly.
While climbing the rocks, we shot a 30 second video of a millipede who seemed to be hiking with us. 

Continuing with our story, another picture of the millipede below.
 Most of us get confused between millipedes and centipedes. Centipedes are found in homes as well and move very fast. Whereas, millipedes move slowly and live in burrows. A comparative sketch explaining the differences is reproduced from the net below.

Another small creature spotted by us is the beetle with yellow spots.

 Wild flowers break the monotony of barren rocks.
 Rocks and boulders around Gunrock  have interesting shapes.

 The area around Gunrock appeared much cleaner this time. My last hike was 4 months ago. This was thanks to Indian Army. See the picture below.
All the five hikers taking a break. The picture captures the moods of everyone.
Hope you liked the effort of a nine-year old. Nikhil did a splendid job and says "Bye Hyderabad" as he leaves tomorrow for next part of his India vacation.

Before we close, the question remains 'where is the gun on Gunrock'? You are welcome to clarify the mystery of the missing gun.

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    - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with Nikhil-the-junior-Ghumakkad/ 7th July 2016