Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Kodi Lake- The Charm of Kodaikanal

Lakes are the centre of attraction of hill stations. Be it Kodaikanal, Mount Abu (Nakki Lake), Nainital lake, Ooty lake, Udaipur (not a hill station but surrounded by hills. Lake Pichola and Fatehsagar lake, both are situated in the city) or Reserve Forests like Pinecrest or Stebbins Cold Canyon in California USA- the lakes offer many things to tourists and hikers alike. From hiking, fishing, boating, rowing, swimming, camping to just chilling out- the lakes take away your breath.

This story takes you to Kodaikanal lake called Kodi Lake in short. Ghumakkad was there in June 2018 with family. Those who have not been to Kodaikanal, may like to browse our earlier story  'Why Kodi?' As you will see in the pictures below, Kodi lake and it's surroundings are still clean and green. Although, there was a major ecological disaster about to happen when a thermometer manufacturer was dumping the mercury waste in the lake. Public voice through a short video "Kodaikanl Won't" made such an impact that the dumping was stopped by the Court. The lake is now safe and full of tourists round the year.

Let the pictures speak.

Here is a short video of paddle boats in action. While I was paddling and taking the video, I didn't realise that my knees were obstructing the camera cyclically. Please ignore the obstruction in the video.

There are plenty of hawkers selling hot snacks, nuts and fruits to the tourists. Sample below.

We end with a question. Will the glory remain?

More about the flora and fauna of Kodaikanal later. However, for pictures of a hike by 60-year olds in Kodaikanal, browse our earlier story 'BITS-68 Conquers Kodaikanal'.

About lakes in USA, you may browse the following stories by Ghumakkad:
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Toddler on a trail- hiking around Pinecrest lake
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Do share your memories and pictures of lakes elsewhere.

Thanks for browsing

     -  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with Neeta Bhargava/ 25th July 2018

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