Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Toddler on a Trail

Toddler on a trail-- sounds like Fiddler on the Roof?
Well, the latter was a musical based on a book written by Joseph Stein 110 years ago. Whereas, the former-- the toddler, is a real life story.

It is about Mana-- a two year old toddler who very sportingly completed a four-mile (6.4 kms) trail around a lake at 5600 ft above MSL in California. That's why the name 'Toddler on a Trail'. And those readers who are worried about 'child labour', just relax. It was a family hike and not a commercial activity.

Just in case you have missed our previous post on Picturesque Pinecrest, click here. It gives you a pictorial tour along with details of the location, reservations and camping facilities. 

This picture story set around the Pinecrest Lake in California, USA, portrays how the toddler took us on a trail. Mana the toddler slept, woke up, hiked, sat down, again slept but neither cried nor gave up! She showed us how a two year old can be a leader!

We had earlier shared the exploits of another two-year old Anuva, our grand daughter. We guess, the era belongs to them.

Now Toddler on a Trail for you.

Those discerning readers who have a question 'Why not steel' for utility poles, get your answer

Special thanks are also due to Mana's parents Satyam and Anchita who live in California. You guys rock! Keep hiking.
And yes, Ghumakkad's outing would not have been possible without Ankur our son-in-law and Akanksha,  our daughter and family who also reside in California.

Hope you enjoyed the trail as much as Ghumakkad did last summer.
More on California's flora would follow.

Thanks for browsing.

   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 24th June 2015