Monday, 4 September 2017

Who Inspires a Teacher

Where do the teachers get their inspiration from?
From their publications- research papers or books?
From invited talks or being a keynote speaker?
From bagging a prestgious consulting assignment?
No, none of these!
None of these? You must be mad!

A teacher gets his/her inspiration from the students.
Yes, having taught MBA programs for 15 years outside Navy and several more years while in the Military, I can say so.
Students provide the challenge.
The thrill.
The excitement.
The frustration.
The happiness.
The inspiration.

So this Teacher's Day Ghumakkad once again thanks his students and former students for making his life worthwhile. We begin this story with a PQ- picturesque quote on flower buds in our garden. Teachers also do gardening. They plant seeds of knowledge.

When a teacher teaches one student, how many learn? One? Wrong! The answer is two. Because while teaching the teacher also learns! Ask any teacher to confirm.

Here are a few glimpses of Ghumakkad's sessions and learnings from a wide variety of audience from students to teachers to social workers from Afghanistan.

Whether introducing a new subject like 'Startup Management' or teaching the existing courses, it is always a great fun. Glimpses:

Apart from teaching budding business leaders, interaction with Social Entrepreneurs is always humbling and enriching.

Teachers also have to be judges or jury members of various events in the campus. These assignments are great learning experiences. Sample some experiences below:

Teaching the teachers gives another level of thrill. Ghumakkad has been fortunate to have conducted many such workshops for faculities of universities, colleges and even schools. 

Teachers expect their students to be 10/10. Are the teachers themselves 10/10? If not, how can they become 10/10? Read the story how Ghumakkad conducted a workshop titled 'Teacher 10 on 10?' for 200+ teachers at Hyderabad

Earlier this year, Ghumakkad conducted a wrokshop for Afghan Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Hyderabad. For full story on Business Plan Workshop for Afghan CSOs click here. Glimpses.

Read how teachers learn from students? Written a year ago but the message remains.

Ghumakkad's earlier greetings on Teachers' Day 2015 and 2014 below:

Ghumakkad's former students and colleagues at IBS Hyderabad may like to browse the story "IBS: Journey of a different kind".

For readers outside India: Every year in India, we celebrate 5th September as Teacher's Day. It commemorates the birthday of a great teacher Dr S Radhakrishnan who rose to become the President of India. We salute him.

We end with another PQ. The picture of a 500 year old gate was taken at Medak Fort, 90 kms from Hyderabad. "Teachers open the door, you enter by yourself"

Incidentally, this happens to be 250th post on Ghumakkad's blog which completed 5 years in May this year.

Thanks for browsing.

   -Harsh-the-teacher-and-Ghumakkad/ 5th Sept 2017

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