Sunday, 10 September 2017

Chaparai Water Cascade Araku

Flowing water fascinates everybody-- people residing near river banks, tourists, hikers, swimmers, divers, boatmen, fishermen, poets, painters, photographers and wanderers like Ghumakkad. Chaparai Waterflow called Chaparai Water Cascade by Google, is one such spot near Aaraku in Eastern Ghats India.
We went to Chaparai in August this year. A short picture story for you.
It is located close to Araku. See the map below. An all weather motorable road connects this tourist spot.
For trekkers and hikers, it is a nice two to three hours trek. We saw some hikers there. You can return the same evening. See the satellite map below with the route in blue dots.
The APTDC package tour does not include Chaparai. One can get taxis or autos at Rs 1200 or Rs 600 respectively to show four tourist spots near Araku:

  • Chaparai Waterflow (not waterfall as you will shortly see)
  • Botanical garden (included in APTDC tour)
  • Tribal Museum (included in APTDC tour)
  • Coffee Museum (not included in APTDC tour)
Being a Sunday (13th Aug) taxis needed advance booking. Therefore, we engaged an auto rickshaw. Our driver Gopi knew the place well. This story takes you to Chaparai. Auto ride was certainly worth it!

 Eventhe tourism department singnboard calls it a waterfall. Actually is just a waterflow.

It is just a stream and not a waterfall. See the pictures below.

Every year some people drown in the waterflow. Warning signs have been painted all over.

 Here is a short video clip  to give you a 'feel' of the water cascade at Chaparai.

Our previous story on Borra Caves titled 'Beauty of Darkness' can be viewed here.

Those interested in knowning how to reach, where to stay, what else to see in Araku-- have to wait till the next story on going through thirty railway tunnels!

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    -   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 10th September 2017

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