Friday, 22 September 2017

Araku- Places to see

A date with the tribals!
Yes, at Araku the central attraction is the tribals. Araku is located in a tribal region and is governed by ITDA- Integrated Tribal Development Authority. It is located 130 kms north of Vizag in the eastern ghats. Local tourist attractions in Araku are:
  • Tribal Museum
  • Tribal Dance also called 'Dhimsa' dance
  • Tribal Art
  • Tribal food-- Bamboo Chicken
In this story we take you around these places or art forms. Short video clips are also embedded in the story.
Where is Araku? Google map for you.
Few spots like Chaparai Water Cascade and Coffee Museum are not covered in the APTDC tour. So we had hired an auto rickshaw. Rs 600 for an afternoon. Cabs were all booked being a long weekend. Here is Gopi our expert local guide-cum-driver! Thanks Gopi.
Our first stop was the Botanical garden.

 Get a feel of the toy train in a short video clip below.

Coffee Museum came next.

Swatch Bharat being practiced!
Next halt the famous Tribal  Museum.

A panorama of Borra Caves area.

 It's dance time! 'Dhimsa' the tribal dance.
  Feel the rhythm of 'Dhimsa' dance in this video.

Bamboo Chicken-- Araku delicacy!

 Where to stay in Araku?

Browse the video below to get an all round view of Araku Valley from the terrace of our suite.

AC Deluxe room costs Rs 2800 per night on twin sharing with complimentary breakfast. Can be booked on-line.
Just as we finished the day's sightseeing and entered the Mayuri resort, it started to pour. It went on for next four hours.

Another family had travelled with us in the train and had taken the same two-day package. Sandip Biswas an IT guy with his parents and in-laws. Group photograph with them in our Resort's lobby.
Liquor  shops do brisk business anywhere in India.
Return journey. Galikonda Viewpoint.

A short video clip taken at Galikonda with hordes of tourists and honking cabs and buses!

Before leaving Araku, it was time for a picture together.

Good bye Araku till we visit again!

Excursions from Araku-- you may browse the stories below:
Chaparai Water Cascade

Thanks for browsing. Signing off for a week or so since we are travelling to Udaipur for a Naval Reunion.

      -   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 22nd Sept 2017

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