Friday, 26 May 2017

Spouse's Birthday is special

Spouse’s birthday is special
When you are married for
forty years
your spouse’s birthday
becomes special.

Special because
you become dependent
upon each other
for everything in life.
Be it eating at home, or
taking your medicines, or
dining out, or
planning the next vacation, or
renovating the kitchen, or
visiting the doctor for creaking knees!

Of course
you may not both agree initially
on a course of action.
But that is the fun of
being married for 40 years.
Disagree to agree
and vice versa!

on my spouse’s birthday
I wish to thank God
for bringing her into my life.

Called by many names
Pinna- by her late father
Arrey Neeta- by her Mom
Bahu Rani/Neeta Beti- by my Dad
Bhabhi/Jiji- by my brother/sister and her cousins
Mom- by Ashi, Ankur, Ankush and Prabjoth
Dadi/Nani- by her grandchildren
Bhua/Mausi/Taiji/Chachi/Mami- by numerous nieces/nephews
Neeta- by her friends and by my late Mom
Madam- by her battery of maids
and lastly
Beigs- by me!
She goes about balancing
all the roles and responsibilities
very ably
despite me!
Yes, despite me!

As they say
"You are never too old for chocolates"
but in Neeta's case
it becomes
"You are never too old for Zumba".
Yes, she relishes her Zumba workouts.
Today's tech-savvy generation
outsmarts their parents
while using smartphones and other gadgets.
Wait till you meet 
surfing the net, or
using WhatsApp
or updating her status on FB
even while in a Shikara शिकारा in a lake!
on this special day
we pray to God
to grant her continued good health
because that’s the only wealth
which you need
to enjoy life!
Join us in wishing Neeta many happy returns and God bless

-          Harsh-the hubby with entire Bhargava parivar भार्गव  परिवार  in Jaipur/Secunderabad/Chennai/Pleasanton

27th May 2017/ Secunderabad
This is what we wrote on her 61st Birthday! Not published earlier.
The Untiring Granny
As she completes sixty one
She remains number one
For all of us in Secunderabad, Jaipur, California as well as Chennai
A daughter, bahu, mom, dadi, nani or as in Marathi- simply our ‘aai’
She does get tired of doing yoga or the treadmill
But not of shopping even if she has to climb uphill
Fond of eating out
She knows all about
The major eating joints in the twin cities and beyond
Through her kitty friends who have forged a strong bond
After thirty nine glorious years
Full of cheers as well as tears
Her first love is no longer me-- her grumpy hubby
But all the grand children who like her to remain chubby
Thanks to Facetime, she relishes being on-line with each one for long
And switch between making faces, telling stories, poems or even a song
Here is saying cheers to the evergreen granny
And wishing her happy returns—many, many!

With love from all of us,
-          Amar Nath, Raj and Sarita@Jaipur
-          Ankur, Ashi, Nikhil and Naman@California
-          Prabjoth, Ankush, Ansh, Anuva and Kruger@Chennai
-          Usha, Harsh and Elfo@Secunderabad

Secunderabad/ 27th May 2015

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