Saturday, 13 May 2017

Mother's Day 2017

I was looking for a suitable picture for Mother's Day post. As if on cue, a cat which had adopted our car garage with her recent litter, came out to feed her three kitten. Two kitten brownish golden and the third one greyish. In the morning light, all of them got illuminated well. The resulting picture says it all- Mother's Day- Today and Everyday.

Greetings to all the mothers in the world.
Mothers make a difference in their children's lives as well as all others whom they impact. For example, a teacher makes a difference in the life of her students, a doctor on her patients and so on. Without mothers, we wouldn't be in this world!

Mothers discharge many roles at the same time. Some of these roles can be browsed by clicking the story 'A mother is a mother'. Ever seen a cat protect her kitten from a huge dog like a St Bernard? Click the story 'Facing the Enemy'.

Ghumakkad fondly remembers his mother who passed away in 2008. For me, my mother was like a rock-- a source of strength and inspiration. Am reminded of Alicia Keys lines "My Mom is definitely my rock" superimposed on a picture below.
Mothers can't be thanked enough. Pranaam Maa प्रणाम माँ -- Smt Pushpa Bhargava (1927-2008). We miss you.

We are fortunate that Ghumakkadni-Neeta's mother lives with us. On Mother's Day, our Pranaam to her as well. May her smile keep guiding us!

We are sure you will hug or remember your Mom on Mother's Day.

We can only pray to God to make us a mother next time.

       -    Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with Neeta Bhargava/ 14th May 2017/ Mother's Day

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