Sunday, 7 May 2017

Hiking in Hampi

Hampi and hiking? Yes there are good trails for hikers of all ages. Like the one we did-- suitable for 65-year old 'youngsters'!
Hampi conjures up images of World Heritage site with ruins of five hundred year old Vijaynagara empire. Of course Hampi gives you that experience. But Hampi goes beyond. This story illustrates the adventurous dimension of Hampi and it's challenging terrain.

Those who would like to know Hampi's location etc, read the story Hampi Vitthala Temple. And who are these hikers in their late sixties-- click the post Hyderabad to Hampi.

Pictures will speak for themselves. As always, click on any picture and view it as a slide show on your large screen.

Please see the short 30-second video below showing the rock face against blue skies.

Huge boulders, tiny humans!

How does it feel when you reach the top? What is the view all around? A 40-second video for you:

Once you reach a hill top or a summit, you first catch your breath. Then take a view all around. Nature engulfs you in it's enormity. When asked 'Why do people climb mountains?', Edmund Hillary's famous reply comes to my mind 'Because it is there'. But having been a wanderer (Ghumakkad) all these years, I would like to add that we climb the mountains not to conquer it but to conquer ourselves. Am sure my fellow hikers will agree.
Anjaneya Hill with Anjaneya temple in the picture below.

We noticed a unique fenced garden on this trail maintained by Karnataka Forest Department . It can be called a 'Zodiac' garden as it cultivates 12 different plants associated with each Zodiac sign. Another example of 'Ancient Wisdom' which thrives in India!

Where was the fourth traveller on the hike? Well, Neeta had to rest her aching knees and she stayed back at Durga temple from where the hike started. A picture of our rendezvous (RV in military parlance). 
Few pictures of initial climb from car parking to Durga temple which has lot of 'manyata' मान्यता -- i.e. faith by devotees.

Durga Temple and its surroundings were kept very clean. No plastics, no garbage. Impressive to say the least.
Durga temple, Bali Parvat, Sanapur Lake for Coracle boating and Anjaneya Hill are all located on the northern shore of Tungabhadra river which is not so frequently visited by the tourists. Whereas all the monuments like Vitthala Temple, Royal Chariot, Royal Enclosure, Lotus Mahal etc are located on southern flank of the river (most visitors to Hampi see the southern part only). See the map below courtesy

So the next time you are in Hampi, do plan a hike in the northern part besides visiting the monuments and sites there.

In the next part of the story, we will take you to some more monuments and sites on both flanks of river Tungabhadra. 
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   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/7th May 2017