Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Women's Day Greetings

Another edition of International Women's Day is here. Time to remember and thank all the women in our lives. We are here because of our mother-- a woman. Women don many roles in their life with ease like:
Grand mother
Working professional and so on!

So, raise your toast to all the women in this world-- more power to the women! The picture below shows women members of Zumba class at RSI Secunderabad-- spouses and children of Armed Forces Officers. Their instructor Devyani, a young college going girl, deserves special credit for motivating this lazy lot in the age group of 7 to 70!
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2016: Women's Day Everyday

Ever wondered why women don's make it to top level positions equally? Less than 10% Boards of listed companies have women members. Talk of gender equality!

We would like to repeat our last year's quote-- W.R. Wallace's famous lines:
"The hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world"

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   -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 8th March 2017

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