Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dancing at Eighty

Ever seen an eighty year old dancer perform whose knees have given way? She can't stand and perform. So what is the way out? Sit on a chair and perform. Sounds weird? Not when you see Mrs Savita Bhargava my aunt from Gurgaon, performing at a wedding dance night in Udaipur.
Pre-wedding function called 'Sangeet' संगीत meaning music is actually a dance night where bride's family members perform short dances. In olden days, sangeet ceremony was held only at bride's place. And another musical night called 'vadhu parichay' वधु परिचय  was held at groom's place after the wedding. This was to formally introduce the newly wedded bride to groom's family. But with changing times when families of both sides come to one city, sangeet is attended by families and friends of both bride and groom.

The pictures here are from a 'global' wedding. The groom and family came from Italy and the bride (my niece) from an NRI family in USA/Hongkong.
The wedding took place in a Fort like hotel in Udaipur. Can't wait any longer to see the pictures? Here we go. We open the scene with eighty-year old dancer performing while seated on a chair.

 Two short videos to show her 'adaa' अदा !

Savita Mami's performance was preceded by Nidhi. She too gave a superb performance. I couldn't take pictures myself owing to delayed arrival from airport. But thanks to her hubby Mukul, here is a one-minute video for you.

Looked like a dream wedding? Indeed it was.
More pictures will follow in next post.

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   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/11th March 2017