Monday, 29 August 2016

Vacations Recharge Our Batteries

We all need a break from our routine life.
Students need a break from school/college, employees from workplace, businessmen from tension and housewives from daily chores. We need to recharge our batteries so that we can perform well till the next recharge, the next vacation.

Ghumakkad was invited to speak at the Annual Conference of Telangana State Chapter of the Cardiological Society of India (TS-CSI). The topic-- "Doc, What is your new holiday destination?" 

The conference brochure and part of the two-day program is reproduced below. It was a nice blend of technical sessions and topics of general interest :

The conference venue looked very sleek at a new hotel in Hyderabad.

The audience consisted of practicing cardiologists in Hyderabad-- some 100 of them! Picture below shows some of the MD student delegates.

Harsh being introduced in the picture below:

Ghumakkad gave the talk as a picture story starting with a short quiz 'Spot the Location'. If you are a Hyderabadi or have visited Hyderabad, check out the pictures below without seeing the bottom title. Did you get all correct?
You may click to browse a picture story of a hike to Gunrock with few teenagers.
Moula Ali hike consists of gradual climb 500 steps uphill. If you make it before sunrise, the view from the top is superb. Click to browse the picture story of an earlier climb with children.

Every time we need not plan for a long vacation to far off places. Most cities in India offer number of getaways. How many getaways from Hyderabad have you seen? Pictures below.

Bidar in neighbouring Karnatka is brimming with history. Read the complete story here.

The architecture and tinted glass panels of Medak Cathderal are admirable indeed.

For a complete picture story on Bhavani Island, click here.

Suryalanka is also called the Goa of the East. Read the full story here.

There is a growing trend on adventure tourism. Adventure thrills everybody. Hyderabad offers many options. 
There are many agencies which offer adventure activities in Hyderabad. Some of these are:
GHAC- Greater Hyderabad Adventure Club- Mr Dinayat Ali
ACAP- Adventure Club of Andhra Pradesh- Mr Appa Rao
India offers such rich variety to a traveller. From the forts and palaces to tea gardens in Nilgiris and Assam, temples across the country, wildlife parks and bird sanctuaries, trekking in the Himalayas or Western Ghats, deserts of Thar and Hundar in Ladakh, backwaters of Kerala, sandy beaches, snowy peaks and its people-- India is truly incredible.

 Readers interested in Tadoba Tiger Reserve, may read the earlier stories here.

Although Kolleru lake has been heavily encroached, yet the metallic towers with cages have been well adopted by migrating birds such as Spot-billed Pelicans seen nesting in the picture above. Browse this link for full picture story.

India has its very own Niagara Falls!

For the interest of overseas travellers, Ghumakkad gave some practical tips.

The above picture of iconic Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur was taken against an overcast sky. Made of steel, the towers are shining in bright afternoon sun as if lit at night!

My talk was followed by Swami Bodhmayananda of Ramakrishna Mission Hyderabad on 'Human Excellence'. Swamiji's expose on 'awaken yourself' and service to humanity was simply outstanding. India needs more scholars like him. I doff my hat to him.

Ghumakkad thanks the cardiologists of the organising team pictured below for a wonderful opportunity.

Ghumakkad gave the following parting thought to the cardiologists- superimposed on a picture of Tiger's Nest- a hiker's dream in Bhutan (click here for complete picture story).

Am sure many of you have been to the places pictured above. Do share your experiences to enhance the fun of being on a vacation.

Thanks for browsing

   - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 29th Aug 2016

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