Monday, 15 August 2016

Are we really Independent

Are we really 'Independent'?

As we enter the 70th year of Independence, it is time for celebration as well as some introspection.

We attained independence from the British rule, but 69 years later let us ask ourselves—have we really become Independent? Independence has to be viewed in many dimensions such as:

Intellectual Independence—Are we dependent upon borrowed theories, concepts and techniques- be it engineering, science, management or medicine? Has such dependence increased in last 70 years?
Creative Thinking—When shall we become independent and original in finding creative solutions? Why do we lack creative thinking? When will our own product such as Android, iOS or Windows be produced?

Ghumakkad is not being cynical. In fact in the area of classical dance forms, meditation techniques, yoga, architecture—our global leadership goes back many centuries ago. But why have we stagnated as a civilisation?

In the business sector take insurance, retail or logistics services, once again foreign MNCs bring the intellectual part. Can we then really claim to be independent?

A silver lining here is the banking sector. Indian banking software products are used not only in India but exported globally. That I would say is being truly ‘independent’. Something for which we all can be proud of.

Take the electronic media. Whether it is a reality show, dance contest, musical talent hunt or quiz contest—our shows are ‘copies’ of western originals. Surely we can do better. But do we want to do better? Do we take pride in being original? Or, do we just pay lip service to ‘Independence Day’?

Food Independence? We still import edible oils and lentils.

Petroleum Independence? Oil subsidies continue to be a big burden. Why not make renewable energy such as solar power more affordable and attractive? More electric cars would solve multiple problems of pollution, fossil fuel consumption, carbon emissions etc.

So, this Independence Day let us think how can we achieve ‘real’ independence? Of course in today’s globalised economy, we can not remain isolated. But with rich natural resources and ample trained manpower, we should collectively work to make most dimensions of our life ‘independent’.

This post is not driven by any political ideology or allegiance. All that Ghumakkad is propagating—let us not lose our national pride. Rather, let us build on it. We should be proud to be Indians— not just for shouting slogans or showing posters on the social media— but in our thinking and in our deeds.

We firmly believe “Yes, we can!” as the school girls in the picture taken this morning seem to be conveying.

Jai Hind and Happy Independence Day!

   -Harsh-The-Ghumakkad/15th Aug 2016

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