Friday, 12 August 2016

Monsoon Magic

Monsoon is here.
What does it do? Why does everyone love it? Year after year?

Monsoon has different meaning for different people. From children to office goers to farmers-- monsoon is celebration time. Ghumakkad has tried to capture different moods of the monsoon. But there is a common thread-- Monsoon is pure magic! It transforms the earth. Pictures will convey the monsoon magic.

As the dark clouds gather over the horizon, human beings and birds react differently.

 The peacock dances with joy. This picture taken during pre-monsoon months in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan shows the peacock without full plume of feathers. But the joy is natural.

The next thing we associate with rain is the rainbow.

Rain is to be felt. How? Go out in the rain. Get drenched.

Make paper boats with children or grand children.

And if the rain is so heavy that you are confined indoors, play horse riding with the children. This picture though nine years old, still conveys the mood of monsoons.

Talking of excessive rains which happen in Mumbai every year, that is the only time when you may get a window seat in the suburban train! Image below is courtesy .

If you are lucky to experience the rains in the hills, mist appears from nowhere. Whether you walk or ride a vehicle, misty magic overpowers you.

Clouds  play hide and seek with the Sun. If you have the patience to observe, the view is rewarding.

Once the rain is over, clouds add colour to the blue sky.

Rains feed the rivers. The crest gates of dams are opened to give us a spectacular feel and sight.

Sometimes, the monsoon is deficient and some other times it is excessive. We blame the floods on excess rains. But most of the times floods are man-made-- be it in coastal cities like Chennai or in the Himalayas (like what happened in Badrinath and J&K). You may browse our previous story titled 'Chennai floods are man-made'
If we live in harmony with Nature, we adapt ourselves with Nature, Nature will look after us. It is summed up very nicely in a road arch by the Forest department in Srisailam Reserve in Andhra Pradesh.

To sum up, monsoon is magic which gives us happiness year after year.

We end with a quote

Hope you will feel the rain apart from getting wet!
Ghumakkad can't remain indoors once it starts to pour.

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   - Harsh-The-Ghumakkad/ 12th Aug 2016

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