Sunday, 24 July 2016

Wealth is the ability to

Life today is centered around a screen, be it a cellphone, laptop kindle or iPad. We are so engrossed in these 'impersonal' screens or beeps (WhatsApp updates and the like), that we lose sight of life around us. People 'talk' through a text message even though they are sitting next to each other. When on a holiday, you frantically 'shoot' pictures of monuments, places and forest. But you fail to 'feel' or admire the forest-- its silence, fallen leaves, dried tree trunks, bird calls, gentle breeze, morning dew or the aroma of the jungle. How many times have you 'paused' in your life to experience the life around you?

This PQ- in our picturesque quote series-- is inspired by  Henry David Thoreau's quotation, "Wealth is the ability to fully experience life" which is so relevant today. Wealth is not amassing currency, jewellery, cars, houses or other material assets, but it is the ability to experience life. Go on a hike, take a dive, walk in a forest, climb a hill, laugh loudly with friends, drive cross country and such crazy things. Or, on 'softer' side- play or listen to music, paint, write or read a poem, volunteer to help others and so on. All of these, help us in experiencing the life fully.

Did you recognise the picture? No, not the Niagara Falls. This one was shot in failing light from the cable car while approaching Bhedaghat near Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh India. It is a spectacular water fall and a deep gorge where river Narmada tears through soft marble rocks. If not yet been there, plan the next vacation.

Experiencing life reminds me of Srisailam Dam in Andhra Pradesh. During monsoons, when all the crest gates are opened, it is a sight to behold. See the picture below.

So, once in a while beat the humdrum of life, take a deep breath, pause and 'feel' the life around you.

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   -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 24th July 2016

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