Friday, 18 December 2015

Can a college teach you Leadership

"Can a college teach you Leadership?"-- was the title of a workshop conducted recently by Ghumakkad at a B-school in Hyderabad India . 
Workshop timing: 6.30 pm to 8 pm after full day MBA classes ending at 6 pm. Very conducive slot for a workshop, isn't it? 
How to make it interesting at such a late hour? Make it experiential. And that is what I did. We first played a game about which you read in the previous post. Click here if you haven't browsed it so far.

Next challenge was to answer the question "Can a college teach you Leadership?" 

We engaged the participants through pictures shot on the campus earlier, which depicted some aspect of leadership. One picture after the other-- they had to guess which aspect of leadership it conveyed. It became a contest by itself. And being experiential, even at 8 pm the participants showed no signs of boredom.

Pictures with the answers are given below for you. You can click on a picture to full screen mode and then view it like a slide show minus the animation. Go on and answer yourself whether a College teaches you leadership or not! It doesn't matter whether it is an MBA college or an engineering college. Because leadership is learnt more by practice than theory. And it is best learnt outside the class room!

Some of my former students at IBS and VVSB Hyderabad will relish the pictures of their time.

Don't miss the huge python in students' arms below!

Mahatma Gandhi's quotation below symbolises the changing times. Your leadership at work does not come from your position or power but from your empathy, knowledge, skills and attitude.

Do I take your answer to the question 'Can a college teach you Leadership'-- to be an emphatic YES?

Thanks for browsing. Your feedback is welcome.

    Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/18th Dec 2015

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