Sunday, 16 August 2015

Raindrops and Entrepreneurs

This is what happens to teachers. They start seeing the world only around their subject. Literally!

This morning's slow and steady drizzle created a wet and damp feeling. But a guy like me who loves rain, was waiting to bolt out. And then it stopped drizzling. All the trees had raindrops on their leaves. Out came the camera. Raindrops appeared like shining diamonds. Click click. Back to laptop to download the pictures. Zoom the pictures one by one.

One solitary raindrop caught my attention. It reminded me of a quote where raindrops had been called the bravest because they are never afraid of falling. But my mind was preoccupied with 'Entrepreneurship', the subject that I am teaching this semester to my MBA/PGDM students. Therefore, Ghumakkad compared the raindrops to entrepreneurs. And see the outcome! Picturesque quote for you.

'An entrepreneur is like a raindrop, never afraid of falling'.
Wonder if other teachers are also as 'crazy' and see the world through their subjects which they are teaching? Your experiences on similar lines are welcome.

Thanks for browsing.
And incidentally, enjoy the rain. Here is another picture of raindrops.

Get wet to enjoy the rain!

    - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 16th Aug 2015