Sunday, 9 August 2015

Feeding the Silverbills

Birds in a metro city? And that too in your own garden?
Yes, that is possible-- thanks to two things. Firstly plenty of green cover in enclaves like ours in north Secunderabad, Telangana India. And secondly, bird-friendly, all-weather and light weight design of bird feeders.

Gifted by Ansh, our 11 year old grand son three months ago, our bird feeder did not attract a single bird for three months. Very disappointing for us till yesterday, when a pair of Silverbills started to feed on Bajra बाजरा (Millet) seeds from the bird feeder. From then on all eyes have been on the bird feeder and the winged 'diners'. Ghumakkad's DSLR camera was quickly pulled out from its bag as cell-phone pictures were unsatisfactory.

Picture story for you. Please pardon the sticker on the bird feeder which we tried to remove this morning.


Next morning was even better when we had a flock of five silverbills feasting together!

Thanks Ansh, Ankush and Prabjoth for such a priceless gift. Hope you get as many birds in the feeder at your home in Chennai.

Silverbills are also known as white-throated munias.

Hope you enjoyed being 'with' the silverbills as much as we are doing every morning and evening!

Thanks for browsing. Do share your pictures and experiences of our winged friends.

   - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 9th Aug 2015