Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ice Breaker with a cell phone twist

We use ice breakers in the inaugural part of any Workshop or a Course.
'The World of Animals' is a popular ice-breaker with faculties and trainers the world over.

Today, we have introduced a variation using smart phones which all participants/students have.
Instead of picking an 'animal' from paper chits, we have used the web. The participants are assigned a serial number and asked to remember it. Then using their cell phones, they are told to access the web i.e. this blog and 'pick' the animal against their number from an 'Animal Table'. Next, they are to find their team mates by mimicking the animal and not announcing its name. The team assembling the fastest, gets chocolates.

Next, each team is asked to enact the animal/bird on stage in an innovative way. Most innovative enactment gets chocolates too.

How did you like the idea?
Today's generation feels more relaxed and confident with smartphones-- even in a class or workshop!

The table for looking up by the participants is given below:

Number Team
1 Tiger
2 Koel
3 Cow
4 Peacock
5 Cat
6 Goat
7 Goat
8 Cat
9 Peacock
10 Cow
11 Koel
12 Tiger
13 Tiger
14 Koel
15 Cow
16 Peacock
17 Cat
18 Goat
19 Goat
20 Cat
21 Peacock
22 Cow
23 Koel
24 Tiger
25 Tiger
26 Koel
27 Cow
28 Peacock
29 Cat
30 Goat
31 Goat
32 Cat
33 Peacock
34 Cow
35 Koel
36 Tiger
37 Tiger
38 Koel
39 Cow
40 Peacock
41 Cat
42 Goat
43 Goat
44 Cat
45 Peacock
46 Cow
47 Koel
48 Tiger
49 Tiger
50 Koel
51 Cow
52 Peacock
53 Cat
54 Goat
55 Goat
56 Cat
57 Peacock
58 Cow
59 Koel
60 Tiger

Feel free to use the above idea in your training programs or workshops. Your participants can access the 'Animal' table on their cell phones by typing the URL  .

Happy Ice-breaking!

  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 12th Aug 2015.

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