Thursday, 18 June 2015

Picturesque Pinecrest

Pinecrest Lake California- An ideal camping site.

4th of July is USA's Independence Day. It is observed as a long weekend with all offices closed. Schools are already closed for summer recess. Last summer, we camped at the Pinecrest Lake during the 4th of July weekend with Ankur and Akanksha, their friends and children. This is the picture story of all the friends and the camping.

Location: Pinecrest Lake is approx 240 kms (150 miles) north-east of the Bay Area in California. It is a 3-hour drive. See map from Milpitas where we were staying.

Facilities: It has 300 camp sites with independent grill-cum-campfire ring, table, benches, and camping ground. No electricity. Piped water and rest rooms at walking distance. An amphitheatre for screening movies. On-line booking with US Department of Agriculture website.

The Lake: Situated at 5600 ft above MSL, it is a 300 acre lake in Stanislaus National Forest with Strawberry Dam on its western side. Managed by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the dam feeds a hydro electric station built in 1913. The department of fisheries periodically populates the lake with rainbow trout for fishing. The lake has an easy four mile (6.5 kms) trail for walking. The lake is surrounded by pine and connifer trees. The lake has a marina for hiring motor boats/kayaks/pedal boats/party boats. It also has a ramp for jettisoning/hooking the trailers for motor boats. See sketch below.

We drove from Milpitas in Tesla, an all electric car. Let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Hope you enjoyed being part of the camp. The Pinecrest lake does remind us of similar sites in the Himalayas in India. But the camping facilities for the public are lacking. Of course for those who can afford, most hill stations in India have enough resorts. But staying in a tent with no electricity has its own charm. Like Ghumakkad's friends from the military would say "Oh, we have slept in the jungles/tents all our life!" They are a blessed lot.

In the next part we will take you on Pinecrest National Recreation Trail with a toddler. If the toddler could do it, you sure can!

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     Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 18th June 2015