Friday, 5 June 2015

World Environment Day 2015

Another edition of World Environment Day is here.
What can an individual do? Plenty, like:
  1. Keep our surroundings clean. Do not litter public places/ empty plots/neighbour's plots etc.
  2. Support greenery. Plant trees. Those in apartment complexes, generate greenery through potted plants.
  3. Avoid plastics.
  4. Minimise use of paper. Use e-mails, e-records etc.
  5. Avoid tetra-packs. It does not bio-degrade.
  6. Use leaves as manure.
  7. Conserve water. Re-harvest/recycle.
Otherwise, all our natural wealth like trees, flowers, lakes, forests, birds, animals, insects will be lost for ever!
Pictorial appeal follows.

Remember, every person counts in this game to preserve our environment. Even in 2013, we said so.

Thanks for browsing.

     -   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 5th June 2015