Thursday, 30 March 2017

90th Birthday

What do you write
when your Dad turns ninety?
 Not easy to summarise
sixty-five years that
you have been with him.
Your own age
pales in significance.
In fact, you
feel younger in parent's presence!

So, first thing
you thank God
for giving us this day.
We are grateful to Him
for bringing us into
such a blessed family.

when we were younger
you had been
very strict with us-
your children.
But not as strict with
your grand-children and great-grand-children!
Perhaps we now understand
as we are grand-parents ourselves!
And the joy of
grand-parenting goes beyond
disciplining the grand-children.

What did we learn from you?
Many things.

Firstly being systematic and meticulous
in whatever you did.
ensuring your shirts remain wrinkle-free even while travelling,
mothballing the woolens and quilts after every winter,
clipping your trouser bottoms on your bicycle to prevent grease stains,
cross-indexing mammoth records of BITS BoG and Senate proceedings in pre-computer era,
fixing the mosquito net on our charpoys in the lawn every night
and many such impressions.

You told us
“take care of your things, they will take care of you”.
polishing our shoes-
a habit which we continue even today.

We also learnt
team work from you.
Every Holi and Diwali
you would greet and hug
every staff member including cleaners and sweepers
as they came home in Pilani
to seek your blessings.

You taught us
to be steadfast yet humble.
In all situations
whether happy or not-so-happy.

you lost all your teeth early
you used your dentures
to entertain the grand children
and some time scare them too!

You broke five ribs
when you were eighty-eight.
But you not only
bounced back
but also continued
doing all the exercises.

we can’t thank you enough
for all
that you have done for us.
We only want
to say
‘We Love You’.

May God grant you
good health
so that you continue
to bless us all!  
                -          From all of us 2G to 4G!

-          2G: Harsh-Neeta, Raj-Sarita, Poonam-Rishi

-          3G: Akanksha-Ankur; Ankush-Prabjoth; Deepti-Kartik

-          4G: Ansh, Nikhil, Arjit, Anuva, Naman

                       -          And besides 2G, 3G and 4G, our Ma joins us in wishing you from the heaven

Dear Reader, 
Please join us in wishing our Dad a very happy 90th birthday on 1st April 2017!
Thanks for browsing,

    -  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 30th March 2017