Friday, 7 August 2015

What is so great about BITS

"I love my college!" You hear it often in social gatherings.
Everyone loves their school, college, university or any other institution where they studied. They may not like it so much while they are students, but they certainly love it after becoming an alumnus.

So Ghumakkad asks : What is so great about his college- BITS Pilani in Rajasthan India?
And to get responses, we crowd sourced it on Facebook. A mid-night post set the ball rolling and first 100 responses came in just 10 minutes! The post that did it:

There were more than 500 alumni who participated. We picked top 20 responses which had maximum 'likes'. Following BITSians- as BITS alumni are called- need special mention for being creative and original in their spontaneity. Listed in alphabetical order:

Thanks guys. Keep up the BITSian spirit.

Pratik Maheshwari (2010 alumnus) in Delhi readily came forward and created the music for the clip. Pratik you rock buddy.

While Ghumakkad had most of the pictures, we had to use a few from BITS Photography Club archives. Vinay's classic shot of sunrise over Saraswati Temple finds place in the video.

No more talking. Let's go to the video. Enjoy it with sound turned on.

We are happy to release it on BITSians Day 2015!

As always, your feedback is welcome. 

   Ghumakkad Harsh/ 7th Aug 2015