Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Birds of Tadoba

Matching the Majesty of the Tiger- Magical Birds of Tadoba

Tadoba is known for its tigers. Rightly so.
But tigers can’t thrive unless they get their prey like spotted deer, sambhar, bison and langurs. And these animals can’t survive unless there is plenty of grass and leaves to eat -- which means there has to be enough trees and plants. And who assures the growth of trees, plants and flowers? Birds. How?
Birds help in pollination of trees, plants and flowers. They are an essential part of the food chain- even a school child will tell us that.
Therefore, if the King of the Jungle continues to rule his kingdom, birds are an essential part of it. Tadoba jungles are an example of balanced environment. 
Having seen the tigers in the wild , this story captures the birds sighted in Tadoba during two days in May 2015. Those of you who wish to go to Tadoba by road from Hyderabad , browse the story.

A word about photography from a moving 4x4 vehicle in the jungle. It is a tough call to capture birds from a moving vehicle. It is best done on foot. However, in Tiger reserves, you are not allowed to get out of the vehicle. Therefore, you try your best to keep the camera steady. Use a tripod or a monopod or even a bean bag kept on the handle bar of the safari vehicle!

See the picture below which has camera shake despite the precautions.
But photographers don't give up easily. Here are some selected shots. For ease of readability, we have categorised the birds of Tadoba into the following categories:

1.      Jungle beauties
2.      Waders and ducks
3.      Predators

Jungle Beauties

Lapwings in flight, probably trying to ward off a predator attacking a young duckling.

Animals and birds exist peacefully in the jungle.

Even the langurs are keen bird watchers!


The lakes in Tadoba are home to many varieties of ducks.

Predators can't be far! We could capture two of them. Oriental Honey Buzzard (OHB) which feeds on the honey from beehives. We spotted an OHB near the lake to have water. Notice the beak and the talons.

Another OHB silhouetted against the sky.

And the mighty Eagle-- the Indian Serpent Eagle.

Oops, and the camera captured some birds of a different kind!
We also saw the nail marks of wild boar/sloth bear who feed on bees. It climbs a tree having beehives.

See some more pictures of birds from earlier 'shoots' in Ranthambhore Tiger Park.

It was time to say good bye to Tadoba.
Hope you enjoyed the birds.
Please do share your experience/pictures.

Bye till the next post,

     -   Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 1st June 2015