Monday, 1 January 2018

Proof of the Pudding

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" goes the old proverb. For a teacher like Ghumakkad, what is the pudding? Pudding for any teacher is the graduating students. Then how is this 'pudding' in the form of former students, to be 'eaten'? 'Eating' can be symbolically equated with the placements or performance of former students in real life. This story is about Ghumakkad's former students who have become entrepreneurs. Most of the 2500 or so MBA and PGDM graduates taught by me have taken up a job. By embarking on the challenging path of entrepreneurship, few of these former students have proven the proverbial pudding beyond doubt!

How do you locate such former students-turned-entrepreneurs when you have left one of the colleges as a teacher more than six years ago? This is where social media comes handy. Ghumakkad has been teaching MBA and PGDM courses at two different colleges namely IBS and VVISM Hyderabad during last 15 years. One single post helped locate ten entrepreneurs across India. Their enterprises may not be huge, but they have followed their heart. They have pursued their passion. It was such a pleasure to reconnect with these former students and to learn their success stories. Thanks are due to each one of them for sharing their journey after graduation.

MBA Graduation
Business Area
Venture Name & Location
MBA(HR) IBS(2010)
Career Coaching
HRscope Consultants, Patna
MBA(HR) IBS (2010)
Entertainment/ Theatre and Performing Arts
XpressionZ, Bangalore
MBA(Mktg) IBS (2012)
Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer
Tualmagis, Mumbai
MBA(Fin) IBS (2012)
Designer Soaps- manufacture and supply
Soapatite, Indore
MBA(Mktg) IBS(2013)
Designer Apparels and Accessories
Preksha Jain – The Fashionate, Kolkata
BBA IBS(2013)
Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby
ILove9Months, Kochi
BBA IBS(2013)
A Gourmet Dessert Studio
17 Sugar Street, Hyderabad
Employability Skills Training
Digi Freaks,Hyderabad
PGDM(Fin) VVISM (2016)
Digital Marketing, Web/App Development
Aresol India, Visakhapatnam

This post acknowledges the effort of all these entrepreneurs and summarises their journey so far. To give credit to each of these challengers a different story will be dedicated soon. These stories will appear one by one. Once posted, a click on the name of these entrepreneurs will take you to their respective stories.

It was both a pleasure and privilege doing this story as a new year gift to each of these challengers who have taken the path of entrepreneurship in their life. Am sure there are many more of my former students who are now entrepreneurs. It would be my pleasure to showcase their achievements in future.

As one entrepreneur friend remarked that these former students have taken the ‘deep dive’. Unless you take a dive you cannot explore the mysteries and marvels of under-sea world. Entrepreneurship is something similar. Unless you take the entrepreneurial path, you cannot feel the challenge, setbacks, frustrations and ultimately the thrill and satisfaction of being a successful entrepreneur.

This story is dedicated to the spirit of entrepreneurship. Here is wishing these entrepreneurs and all of you a great 2018. Readers may browse two related stories posted earlier:

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We end with a quote by Socrates "I can not teach anybody anything. I can only make them think". It reinforces that a teacher can only do this much. Real life lies ahead of you. You make your own destiny. These ten young entrepreneurs have proven the point.

Look out for inspiring stories of these achievers.
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   -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 1st Jan 2018

Vinod Agarwal: This is the best thing to happen to India. We need a lot of entrepreneurs and people who are risk takers. Congratulations on your amazing commitment to this group of students and how your teaching and gyan have made these young people venture into business. Let me know if there is any way I can be of help to these entrepreneurs. 

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