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Convert Your Passion into Profession

"I am happy that I have succeeded to convert my passion into my profession and that's the biggest thing you can have in your  life" says Prabudha Saurabh. Prabudha did his MBA from IBS Hyderabad but decided not to participate in campus selection. Fond of Hindi poetry since childhood, he resumed his work as a freelance facilitator for Kavi Sammelan कवि सम्मेलन - a Live Poetry Concert mostly in Hindi and Urdu. He soon became the first professional facilitator of this un-managed industry in 90 years. He worked with more than 100 poets and 150 organizers in two years successfully, although he did not have a banner of his own.
Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Prabudha started HRscope Consultants based at Patna. This was a consultancy proprietorship aimed to work in two fields, Training and Placement. "I started with training and I bagged a couple of Personality Development projects in Patna. Next two years were good enough as a startup because HRscope could break even", added Prabudha.

Startup journey has its ups and downs. Prabudha explains it in his poetic way by recalling one of his teachers. "सर ने किताबें कम
ज़िन्दगी ज़्यादा पढ़ाई। हालाँकि उनकी लाख कोशिश के बावजूद मैंने माउंटेनियरिंग की, ट्रेकिंग। लेकिन ज़िन्दगी के पहाड़ पर कैसे चढ़ना है, ये ज़रूर सीखने की कोशिश की। चढ़ता हूँ, फिसलता हूँ, फिर चढ़ता हूँ। ये 
तो चलता रहेगा।"  Prabudha continues to write poetry. He is an excellent communicator too. Here is a short video clip of his stage performance at IIM Calcutta. See how Prabudha relates to the audience consisting of MBA students and quotes the likes of CK Prahalad with ease.

While doing his MBA, Prabudha showed great team work. Here is a picture taken in 2009 when Prabudha led his team to untangle the 'Human Web'.

Prabudha was always a creative person. Apart from poetry, he helped his team in creating the tallest free-standing tower made of newspapers. It's strength was tested by placing a pebble on top of the tower and transporting it across the room. The winning team with Prabudha at the back.

After MBA, when an opportunity came for script writing for a television series Prabudha grabbed it. Called Big Magic, it didn't really take off. It did not deter Prabudha. Back to Patna, Prabudha decided to extend HRscope consultants to his field of expertise, i.e. artist/poet management. He resumed working in the field of Kavi Sammelan in a proper organisational format, this time with a banner of HRscope Consultants.

Has your entrepreneurial journey been as exciting as you had expected it to be? 
The most exciting thing is that I am working in a field that has been my passion and a hobby since childhood. I am too happy that till now I have succeeded to convert my passion into my profession and that's the biggest thing you can have in your professional life. Also, I occasionally get chance to work as a freelance writer. Besides this, I get a chance to work with Bollywood and media celebrities often and learn from them. I wrote the script for Mahakavi series telecast on ABP News channel.

Prabudha's poems have been featured in many publications. Here is a sample of 2016.

Prabudha adds "Today HRscope is working with most of the top organisers in this sector on one side and the leading poets of India on the other side. We are even managing poets for Kavi-Sammelan and shows abroad in countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada." Prabudha feels lucky to have bagged the brand of the most renowned poet of India, Dr Kumar Vishwas exclusively. HRscope is managing the brands of many other poets and stand up comedians. Prabudha also manages their social media accounts and helps in their grooming etc. On the organiser side, HRscope is providing event design services.

Way Ahead
Prabudha is always looking ahead. He goes on to add "We are facilitating partner poets to make inroads in Bollywood for writing scripts and lyrics for films. The year 2018 will see at least four to five Bollywood films where typical Hindi Kavi Sammelan poets are going to write the lyrics for films, facilitated by HRscope Consultants. We aim to become a production house where it will start with video albums, short movies and later full length feature films."

What are the key challenges that you are facing in your enterprise and how do you plan to overcome it​?​
As far as the challenges are concerned, the biggest challenge is that traditional Kavi Sammelan organisers are not professional in their behaviour or even in their thought processes. So often we have to struggle while communicating with them but on the other hand it is fun also because you come to observe new set of people and new mindset of people and you have something to learn every day.

As far as the plan to overcome the challenges is concerned, there is no master-key for it and you have to deal with every such situation in a different manner.

What is your message for present students who want to take the entrepreneurial dive?​
My message to budding entrepreneurs is that you can deliver your best if you start working in the field of your interest. There are lot of other businesses that may seem to offer you more than what you will earn in the field of your interest. But then earning is not everything. The ultimate satisfaction could be achieved only when you work in the field of your interest and take my words, success is also achievable more easily if you work in the field of your interest.

Prabudha concludes by adding that "You need to come out of your comfort zone to touch the skies." He quotes his own couplet:
'मिया यूँ ही नहीं मिलती है पगड़ी बादशाहत की
सफ़र में रोज़ कोई ताज ठुकराना ज़रूरी है' (- प्रबुद्ध)

In 2009 when I taught at IBS Hyderabad who knew that two of my students from the same class would become successful entrepreneurs? And that both would excel in the entertainment industry! Here is a picture of the class after a management game in the evening at IBS campus. Both Prabudha and Prashant are seen in the picture along with other batch mates of 2008-10.

Prabudha's story is the second in a series titled 'Proof of the Pudding'It showcases Ghumakkad's ten former students who have become successful entrepreneurs in last 15 years. Thanks are due to the following entrepreneurs who came forward to share their stories.

MBA Graduation
Business Area
Venture Name & Location
Prabudha Saurabh
MBA(HR) IBS(2010)
Career Coaching
HRscope Consultants, Patna
MBA(HR) IBS (2010)
Entertainment/ Theatre and Performing Arts
XpressionZ, Bangalore
Kirti Sharma Chaudhury
MBA(Mktg) IBS (2012)
Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer
Tualmagis, Mumbai
Aayushi Kasliwal
MBA(Fin) IBS (2013)
Designer Soaps- manufacture and supply
Soapatite, Indore
Preksha Shah Jain
MBA(Mktg) IBS(2013)
Designer Apparels and Accessories
Preksha Jain – The Fashionate, Kolkata
Anjali Raj
BBA IBS(2013)
Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby
ILove9Months, Kochi
Ishita Raksha and Nidhi Upadhyay
BBA IBS(2013)
A Gourmet Dessert Studio
17 Sugar Street, Hyderabad
Sriram Gundepudi
Employability Skills Training
Digi Freaks,Hyderabad
Amrut Charan
PGDM(Fin) VVISM (2016)
Digital Marketing, Web/App Development
Aresol India, Visakhapatnam

More stories of these young achievers will follow soon. Stay connected.

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