Friday, 3 November 2017

'Make in India' and Military Systems

'Make in India' -- have we gone beyond the slogan coined by none other than the PM of India?
Were we not 'making in India' before the slogan came?
Can Indian defence forces claim 'make in India'?

Ghumakkad attempted to answer these and similar questions pertaining to Military Systems in a customised workshop for serving Army officers at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore. These officers belonged to the combat arms of Indian Army. The workshop was based on real-life experience of Ghumakkad while he served the Navy for 30 years. Eight different caselets spanning the spectrum of challenges faced during design, development, integration, financial approvals, life-cycle support and denial of technology by countries like USA were discussed. Case discussions generated lively debate and insightful analysis. However, the insights are not meant for open domain. Interested reader may contact Ghumakkad.

One aspect which came out loud and clear is the need for greater synergy between the defence services, research organisations and production agencies both in public and private sector.

Few pictures are here but not of the participants. It shows the campus both during the day and night.

Readers may browse an earlier story on 'Military Systems Management' here.

Ghumakkad also met few MBA students at IIM Indore who were alumni of BITS Pilani. It was such a pleasure meeting them. Though separated by 43 years, yet the bonding was instantaneous. Special thanks are due to GP- Gnanapriya Gnaprakasam of  IIM graduating class of 2017- and an alumnus of BITS Goa campus. These alumni graduated from Pilani and Goa campuses. 
A snapshot of the post on FB group 'BITSians for Each Other' follows:

Thanks are due to IIM Indore for such a wonderful opportunity and to all the participants from Indian Army for their active participation in case-based workshop.

Coming back to the question Is 'Make in India' a reality for defence forces? For the Indian Navy- certainly yes! And the credit for this achievement goes to the men in uniform of 1960s who had the vision and foresight to embark on the challenging path of 'Make in India'.

Thanks for browsing. Your comments and insights are most welcome.

    - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 3rd November 2017

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