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Jagmandir Island Palace- A Dreamy Destination

Udaipur a city which makes you dream. You start dreaming the moment you visit its historical monuments. Standing tall and majestic- Udaipur's forts and palaces simply engulf you. These palaces and forts were built on hills, rockfaces and even islands in lakes!
One such Palace is Jagmandir Island Palace in the middle of lake Pichola. Accessible by a boat, it is owned by the Royal family. Converted into an open banquet facility, it serves as a popular venue for 'destination' weddings. Tastefully lit up at night, it is a dreamy destination.
Where is Udaipur? It is located in south Rajasthan in India. Map below for those not familiar with the region.

Ghumakkad visited Jagmandir island palace in Sep-2017 with friends from the Navy. Twenty four of us in the age group of 62-78 years, were awestruck by its beauty and exclusivity. Do the pictures convey the same impression?

 Here is a short video shot from a noisy boat as we approached the jetty on the island.

What do you say? Is it not a dreamy destination?
Brief History (Postscript courtsey reserach by Trixie Asirvatham):
It is said that Prince Kurram (before he became the emperor Shahjahan) took refuge in Jagmandir palace.  He rebelled against Jahangir but was given safe haven by the Maharana Karan Singh of Mewar  According to Wikipedia this courtesy was extended because Khurram's mother was a Rajput Hindu lady. Khurram  was initially kept in the City Palace along with his wife Mumtaz Mahal and his two sons, Prince Dara and Prince Aurangzeb. Later they were shifted to the Gul Mahal, as a safe refuge, in the midst of the lake (this place since then has also been called Khurram's Palace). Gul Mahal is a domed pavilion that was specially built for Khurram by Maharana Karan Singh. It was later enlarged by his son Jagat Singh into a huge palace and named as the Jag Mandir palace.Khurram remained under Mewar's protection during 1623–1624.
Special thanks to Trixie for the above input.

Another short video clip to give you a 'feel' of the stunning island palace.

 What is FFA- please click to find out?

It was time to wind up our unforgettable dinner-- because the operator of the golf cart to take us from jetty to our hotel winds up his duty at 10.30pm! Else, it's a tough climb of 1km up the hill-- specially for the ladies.

How does the island look during the day?
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Second story was titled Kumbhalgarh- The pride of Mewar.
What else to see in Udaipur? Ghumakkad will bring the next story soon. Preview picture given below.
Thanks for browsing. Your comments are welcome, as always!

      -  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 20th Oct 2017

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