Thursday, 22 December 2016

Saying it with flowers

Flowers- Nature's colourful creation. Without flowers, there would be no fruits, no seeds, no further crop of flowers. Flowers are essential for our existence.
We use flowers for decoration, greeting people, gifting, performing 'puja', last rites and so on. Flowers take multiple roles with ease.

With ensuing festive season, Ghumakkad wishes everyone with a common flower from his garden. Its seeds are used for making oil and its leaves make a delicious curry. Tiny bunch of these yellow flowers bloom in winter Sun. Could you guess its name? Yes, it is called mustard or sarson सरसों in Hindi. Sarson ka saag सरसों का साग with मक्के की रोटी is not to be missed in winter in India. 

After I took the pictures of mustard plant and flowers in our garden, I came across a quotation by Henri Matisse who had said "There are always flowers for those who want to see them". So here we are with this picturesque quote (PQ)- wishing everyone the best of everything in 2017 and beyond.

Talking of flowers, we had posted few more PQs earlier. Some of these are reproduced below.
Inspired by Neem नीम flowers, here is a quote by RW Emerson.

Another PQ based on a picture of Aparajita flower which is used for puja in Bengal.

Lilies have their own charm. Here is a larger variety with beautiful colour and a quotation from Anderson.

Next PQ is based on tiny wild flower with a tall stem which sways in the wind, yet stays steadfast.

We all love flowers, but very few of us can appreciate a leaf and that too a dried leaf. Here is a PQ on loving a leaf.

I am reminded of few lines by great Hindi poetess Mahedevi Verma who wrote:
फूलों से तुम हंसना सीखो 
कलियों से मुस्काना 
प्रकृति हमें देती यह शिक्षा 
विपदा से न घबराना 

Roughly translated, it means:
Learn to laugh from flowers
Learn to smile from its buds
Nature teaches us
Not to be afraid of difficulties and challenges.

Once again, season's greetings and best wishes for 2017 and beyond,

   -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 22nd December 2016

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