Monday, 12 December 2016

Navy Week Hyderabad 2016

Thirty years in whites, thirteen more after hanging the uniform. But mere mention of a Naval function triggers the excitement-- not only for Ghumakkad but for the whole family. Navy Week is one such occasion. Most celebrations or commemorations are for a day like the World Health Day, Women's Day, Valentine's Day and so on. But Navy is known to be different (my brother-in-arms from the Army and Air Force have said this before!). Navy always celebrates it as Navy Week. Not just one day but whole week of celebration!

This year, Navy Week celebrations in Hyderabad lasted over three weeks. It started with the Navy Band Concert. The band from Eastern Naval Command came all the way from Vizag. Lt Cdr Satish Champion, a second generation Naval officer and son of a fellow 'sparky' conducted the concert. Held under an old Banyan tree at Navy House in Secunderabad, the whole setting was so unique like the music which the band played. The genre ranged from fanfare to concert march, xylophone duet, waltz, raag fusion, vocal, bhajan, to patriotic. Pictures.

 Don't miss the Banyan tree lit up in green light.

This year an innovation in the band concert was the performance by a lady guest vocalist. An IT professional-turned-singer Miss Meghna Dundi enthralled the packed audience with her rendition of world famous song "You raise me up".

4th of December is observed as the Navy Day to commemorate the successful destruction of Karachi harbour by Naval missile boats. (Readers may browse the Wikipedia or other web resources for a detailed account) In Hyderabad, a lunch was hosted by serving naval officers and their ladies for all veteran officers and spouses. Sprawling lawns and garden of the Navy House made a perfect venue. Pictures.

Met an old friend who was visiting Hyderabad from Mumbai. Pratap Mehta a former naval aviator is now an author. Picture below.

Naval menu is incomplete without the 'Diplomatic Pudding'!

Navy Week finale was the Navy Cup Golf tournament played on the picturesque Eagle Course. Those wanting a walk around the course, may browse the earlier story here

After many years of title drought, Ghuamkkad played well. I won the Best Veteran Golfer prize-- a new golf bag. See the pictures below.

Be it rescuing the tourists stranded in Havelock and Neil islands in the Andamans (Dec 2016), or operating the only airfield during Chennai floods (Nov-Dec 2015) or safeguarding our maritime security, Indian Navy is ever ready. On the occasion of Navy Week, our salutation to these brave men in whites (women included!).

Curtains came down on the Navy Week 2016 in the twin cities. All Navy veterans eagerly look forward to the next edition in 2017-- Insha-allah!

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   -Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 12th Dec 2016

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