Tuesday, 2 February 2016

RSI Golf 2016

Rajendra Sinhji Institute (RSI) is the name of defence officers' clubs across India. RSI Secunderabad, RSI Bangalore, RSI Pune and so on. RSIs conduct annual sports competitions in all categories for its members and dependents. Some of the RSIs like RSI Pune have an integral golf course. RSI Secunderabad does not have one. Therefore, over last 60 years or so, RSI Secunderabad never conducted a golf tournament for its members. 2016 was a different year though.
Four of us mooted the idea and it was quickly accepted by the management. Next challenge was to hammer out the details. That done, the posters were up on the notice board along with the slides during weekly movies. In addition, SMS' reached every member. Cantonment was abuzz.
Entires started pouring in. Count kept going up and we could not accommodate all players in one day. So, the tournament had to be extended over two days: 23rd and 24th Jan 2016. Credit goes to EEPTA-- Eagle Environment Park and Training Area- for preparing and earmarking the course for the tournament. For a picture tour of EEPTA through an earlier story titled 'Why I love golfing?', click here.
A record 180 golfers entered the tournament. Competition categories in stableford format included the following:

  • Juniors (Age 15 and below)- 9 holes only
  • Super seniors (75 years and above)- 9 holes
  • Seniors (Age 65-75)
  • Ladies
  • Open category

Before you get bored with further write up, let the pictures do the talking. On both days, registration desk opened in the darkness at 6 AM.

Golf Championships are won or lost on the greens. Here are few actions shots on EEPTA greens.

Here is an action shot of a near perfect golf swing!
Around the golf course, you can catch a glimpse of happy foursomes!

Whether you play well or not-so-well on any day, golfers look forward to a hearty breakfast. A picture:
Caddy is the real partner of a golfer on the course. Four caddies in this picture for you.
There were ten prize winners in five categories as listed earlier. Here are six of the prize winners, four not in the picture.

Although four of us worked as an organising team, but the credit goes to Brig TV Ramakrishnan for being the anchor. It is a coincidence that all four of us are CDM alumni (College of Defence Management Secunderabad) from different courses (LDMC-21 to LDMC-27). See the power of alumni bonding!

Should any of you have more action shots of the tournament-- specially the second day, please share with us at hbindia@gmail.com . We would be happy to append it as postscript.

Those who have played golf in Coorg would love the story 'Go Golfers Go' (click here). And if you haven't had a chance to play in Coorg, read the story.

Thank you all the golfers of Secunderabad for making the inaugural tournament a grand success!

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  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 2nd Feb 2016
 along with Lt Gen BK Chengapa, Air Vice Marshal Anup K      Shyam and Brig TV Ramakrishnan

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