Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Like wildflowers allow yourself to grow

Flowers growing in the wild have inspired many poets and authors. Like our earlier posts in the PQ- Picturesque Quotes- series:
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This time of the year when mild winter of Hyderabad recedes, a wild creeper shows up with its bright violet flowers. One such creeper climbed our garden wall and showed up one morning. It's violet-and-white flowers in full bloom caught my eye. Out came the DSLR and am sharing the result with you. EV Thompson's quote appeared tailor made for the picture. Here is the PQ for you- use it for your talks or presentations.

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    - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 10th Feb 2016

Postscript: A reader and a close friend from Kolkata, Commander (Retd) Ranjit Deb wrote: 
"Dear Harsh
This Blue Flower's name is APARAJITA अपराजित meaning 'One who never gets defeated- invincible'. In Bengal people wear a small piece of  the creeper's branch on Dassera after Devi Durga's immersion to make them invincible. 
Love Ranjit"

Thanks much Cdr Deb. In fact after the flowers withered away, I wanted to crop the creeper by hand. It was so strong that both hands had to be used to break and untangle the creeper branch. This validates Cdr Deb's mention of the creeper as a necklace.