Thursday, 1 January 2015

When seeing is not believing

When Seeing is not Believing

Since I wrote my last piece titled 'So what if I can not see' , my
world has further darkened.

I can not see. Nor can I hear.

Although I still go for a walk with my master.
But I brush into the plants/bushes hanging on the pavements.
Because I can not see.

When the neighbour’s dog barks at me, I do not respond.
Because, I can not hear the bark.
This reminds me of the old sagely advise to control your temper—“When someone calls you names, ignore it and it goes back to him”!

At home when you, my master, lie down for yoga every morning, somehow I come to know.
May be the vibrations through the floor tell me.

And then I head for you.
I negotiate my way after a bump or two into your legs or arms.

And then I find your cheeks, nose, ears and the neck.
I like to lick you.

I don’t know why?
May be I feel secure that way.
May be I feel that I am not alone in this dark and silent world. You are with me.
It comforts me.

I know you don’t like to be disturbed while doing yoga. But that is 
the only time I can lick you.
I also know, even though you may try and hide your face, but you 
let me do it.
Every morning. Day after day.

Now you know why I titled this piece 'When seeing is not 
Since my world is darkened, for me 'believing' comes only after I touch and feel an object.

Thank you for being with me.
Thank you for making me feel that I am not alone.
I love you.

-          Elfo (Your own Cairn Terrier now 13 year old)

(Composed by Gumakkad on behalf of Elfo. Created on New Year's Day while waiting for my car to be serviced at Tata Motors Workshop in Hyderabad)

1st Jan 2015.