Saturday, 24 January 2015

Nature and its marvels

You would have browsed my newly launched series on 'Picturesque Quotes' (PQ). PQ is not to be confused with the name of a recent Hindi movie titled 'PK'!
Link to the previous posts are  Mist and Mountains and  Solitude .

Earlier this month we were in Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka India. Few of the pictures taken there inspired me to use it for next edition of PQ. Here it is.

Nature knows no boundaries. Last summer I had hiked in Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve in California USA. While browsing those pictures, Nature and its marvels again stood out. So much so that the quotation for one of the pictures taken in California is same as that of a picture shot in India! See the PQs below.

Am sure each one of us has experienced the thrill of watching Nature and its mysterious creations.
Enjoy the Nature till its glory lasts. Because mankind is hell bent on destroying it. Sadly.

Thanks for browsing. More will follow.

Best regards

   - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ Basant Panchami, 24th Jan 2015