Friday, 20 June 2014

Dog with a Helmet

Dog with a helmet

Ever seen a dog with a helmet on a Harley-Davidson on a freeway? No never? Then read on.

The other day we got held up in traffic near Sacramento in USA on freeway Interstate 80 while returning from Lake Tahoe to Mil Pitas. While we were cursing the traffic, a motor cyclist squeezed in between the car lanes. When he went past our car, we noticed his pillion rider. It wasn’t a man/woman or a child. But his tiny dog in a basket. And to provide for dog’s safety, it had a harness as well as a helmet. We all were so excited at this sight. Before I could take out the camera and ‘shoot’, the motor cyclist and the dog had overtaken our car. They were no longer in visible range.

Traffic continued to be slow. Once it picked up speed, we felt a bit relaxed. Suddenly, we heard a shout ‘mil gaya, mil gaya’ (‘found it found it’) from one of us in the car. Yes, we had caught up with the motor cyclist and his dog! This time, the camera was ready. Pictures narrate our excitement. Feel it.

This is the 'Mil Gaya' shot!

And we got closer

and closer

Approaching the bike almost abreast

Now you can see the dog, its harness as well as the helmet! Since we were moving at 90 kmph, the background became blurred. 

We pick up more speed. And the background becomes hazier.
The dog seems to be enjoying the ride. Notice the Harley insignia at right bottom of the picture.
 And whoosh, we had to speed up for the time lost. And bid good bye to the dog with a helmet. 
Hope you enjoyed the unique encounter as much as seven of us in Volkswagen Routan did.

Bye till the next story from USA.

    - Harsh the Ghumakkad/ 18th June 2014