Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Casinos where dreams get shattered

Casinos- where dreams get shattered

Las Vegas or Reno—is a must on every tourist’s itinerary to USA. Why? Because the state of Nevada permits gambling. Casinos, hotels and resorts thrive there. We had been to Las Vegas in our previous visits. So, this time it was the turn of Reno—the biggest little city in the world. See the signature arch lit at night and as seen from the western entrance.

The downtown is lit up very attractively as life begins every night. Hotels, restaurants, bars, tattoo boutiques and casinos shout at you. There are numerous hotels and casinos. See the pictures below.

 This hotel named 'Whitney Peak' has a tall wall with stones for rock climbers. Both straight face as well as with an overhang. Pictures:
In the picture of the climbing wall below, the tiny triangular shapes in orange are the steps for climbing. It goes all the way up.

Once you have lost all the money in the casino, there are shops to give you loans against jewelry, car or other possessions. Of course one such shop offered 'shaver' services too! Literally 'ganja' hoe jaoge (you'll get a clean shaven head after losing all money!).
And if you are too tired to walk, you can hire a cycle rickshaw in Reno!

We stayed at Peppermill Resort and Casino. It had well furnished rooms, twin swimming pool and a grand casino.

Casinos cash in on human psyche—of greed and lack of self control. Remember our own Mahabharat? Well, the dice of Mahabharat is replaced in the casino  by the software in the slot machines or a pack of cards in Black Jack.
There are 1000s of slot machines in the casino. And it never seems to be unoccupied. Be it early evening like 8pm or early morning like 3am. People can't just seem to have enough of it. Pictures:
Postscript: From Arun Dhupar- "Harsh, you did not mention about the free flow of drinks for all those playing in the casinos". 
Yes indeed. As you drown your sorrows on losing money and are feeling drowsy, continuous flow of drinks served by barmaids (dressed 'appropriately') wakes you up! And, you continue playing.
If you are lucky enough to win something (like we did), you can take the 'cash' out in the form of a voucher. The vouchers can be redeemed at a vending machine. See the picture.
And what do children do when adults are playing in the casino? There is a separate arcade for them with various games/machines. Sample the pictures of our grandson Nikhil enjoying the games.

Even adults can enjoy some of the games/rides like 'The Hot Seat' which gives you a mild shock! See Ankur in 'pleasing agony' below.

After an action packed night and a final round at the slot machines next morning, we bid good bye to Reno and its casinos. We drove for the next leg of our journey to Lake Tahoe.
Hope you enjoyed being in a casino in Reno, Nevada USA.
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More stories soon. Bye till then.
  Harsh-the-ghumakkad/ 23rd June 2014