Thursday, 23 May 2013

Golf Umbrella for Plant Protection

___________________ Golf Umbrella for Plant Protection ___________________

Ever seen a golfer using his golf umbrella to protect a flowering plant? Read on.

With temperatures soaring to 44 degrees Celsius and more in Hyderabad thus summer, it was a challenge to keep the garden green. Potted plants are easy to protect from intense heat. Shift them to a shaded area and water it twice. Simple.

But what about plants in flower beds? We have to erect a temporary structure to provide sun shade. That requires fabrication. Needs some 'bandobust' as we call it in the Fauz! In the meanwhile, the plants were wilting in the Sun. See the pictures below:

Heat was increasing and time was running out. Eureka!
I dashed for my golf umbrella and covered the plant! See the picture below.

Now don't get ideas! This is not another poster for the recent Hindi film 'Aashiqui-2'!

And the beauty of this arrangement is-- once the Sun goes down, fold the umbrella and let the plant be bathed in a water spray. Next day, put the umbrella back!

Jugaad-- what they say! Necessity is the mother of ....!

Take care of your plants in the summer as much as we take care of ourselves!
Happy gardening!

   - Ghumakkad Harsh
      23rd May 2013

_____________________ Golf Umbrella and Plant Protection _____________________