Saturday, 7 April 2018


Hand-me-upsEver heard of that?
Hand-me-downs is OK. All of us have worn some hand-me-downs from our elder brother or sister or some times even from our parents who had a knack of preserving old clothes and sweaters. Many times we were fed up of wearing the hand-me-downs specially if you were the youngest of the siblings! 
But what on earth is this hand-me-up?

Ghumakkad thought that he had invented the hand-me-up. But Collins dictionary beat me to it. Hand-me-up happens when the next generation hands over something which is of no use to them any longer.  The dictionary defines hand-me-ups as those tech gadgets which the younger generation doesn't need anymore. They then hand over such gadgets (like old models of cellphones) to their parents or grandparents to start using it.

Ghumakkad of course experienced the hand-me-up on a different note. My grandson Ansh as he grows taller everyday, soon overgrew his sports shoes. 
Recently on a visit to Chennai when I did not carry my walking shoes, my grandson's shoes fitted me perfectly. Since he could use it no longer I got this hand-me-up as a gift. In perfect condition, all I had to do was wash the laces and just clean the shoes. And bingo, I had a new pair of shoes!

Ansh I am thankful to you for this lovely hand-me-up. 

You can see the rate at which teenagers grow in this age. Ansh will be fourteen this June.
Here is another picture when Ansh was younger and both of us can be seen enjoying each other's company in Srisailam on a rainy day.

I have also had hand-me-ups coming from my son Ankush. Some of his long kurtas which he did not like much came readily to me as hand-me-up. Of course the bottom line remains: you have to fit into a hand-me-up! Not vice versa!

So all you folks out there who are grandpas already, prepare to accept hand-me-ups. And those who are not yet grandpas: await your turn.

Your experiences of hand-me-ups are welcome.

Thanks for browsing.

           -  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/7th April 2018

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