Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Social Entrepreneurship

Dear Fellow Citizen of the World,

This post from Ghumakkad, is not on the usual physical plane of places, flora or fauna but on the cerebral plane.
It is about launching of a new course in the PGDM program where Ghumakkad teaches.

Titled 'Social Entrepreneurship', this core course has the following learning objectives:

  1.  Respond to the societal realities and how it can create business value
  2.  Identify the challenges of setting up and operating an Enterprise for common good of the society
  3. Apply inter-disciplinary management knowledge and practices for sustainability of a social venture 
Being the inaugural batch for this course, the students of PGDM graduating class of 2016 at Vishwa Vishwani School of Business, Hyderabad are all charged up. So am I.

It is after a gap of nine years, that a new course designed by me at MBA/PGDM level has been introduced. You can click to read about previous new courses introduced while I was at IBS Hyderabad.

Purpose of this post is to acknowledge the contribution of following individuals who made it happen.
  • Dr Archana Pillai
  • Dr Ashok Agarwal
  • Prof KL Srivastava
  • Dr Sabyasachi Rath
  • Ms Shree Ravindranath
  • Dr Kinnera Murthy
  • Dr Malini Reddy
  • Mr Verghese Jacob
  • Dr B Ranganayakulu
We would also like to thank the social enterprises and NGOs who have agreed to partner with us in this challenging journey of sensitising tomorrow's business leaders about social responsibility.

Ideas and suggestions to make this program more realistic are welcome. We would be happy to help other institutes to introduce similar programs.

Happy browsing

   -  Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 21st July 2015