Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hitesh Lives On A Tribute

______________ Remembering Hitesh Bhatnagar 1951-2012 ______________

Hi Friends,

It has been a year since Hitesh left us all. But does not appear so, as if he is still around with his ever-green voice! That is what our six-minute video ‘Hitesh Lives on’ says. Watch it on youtube at:

As they say “Time and tide wait for none”. But for us Hitesh lives on if not in this world, certainly in our hearts!

Hitesh built organisations and teams. He embodied many virtues. To summarise:

H-- Humour
I -- Inspiration
T-- Team builder
E-- Excellence
S-- Selflessness
H-- Humility

If you wish, you may share the video link with other friends of Hitesh as our tribute to him.


   Ghumakkad Harsh   
    31st March 2013

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Ranthambor Prelude

_______________________ Ranthambor The King's Den _____________________

Call of the wild and in particular the king of the jungle is always so tempting.
Tiger eluded us at Bandipur National Park despite five safaris in three days during Feb 13. Barely a month later, we are off again! This time to the famous Rantahmbor Tiger Reserve in west Rajasthan.

We had been there in late 80s. But despite two safaris then, we had no sighting.
Jogi Mahal then was maintained by the Forest department. A few days after our visit, Mr Rajiv Gandhi then Prime Minister had visited Ranthambor and had stayed at Jogi Mahal overlooking the Padam Talao. We now understand it is no longer maintained as a Rest House. We will see for ourselves when we get there on 27th March. Right now, no pictures (Unlike all our earlier posts!) as we would not like to post borrowed stuff! Please bear with us till the next post.

Fact file: 
Access: 11 km by road from Sawai Madhopur railway station.
Air: Nearest airport Jaipur which is 130 kms north west. A good 3 hour drive via Banasthali women's University.
Accommodation: Plenty of lodges and resorts to suit all budgets.
Best season: Nov to May. The grass dries up in Apr and May with better chances of tiger sighting.
Safari: Forest department issues permits for 20 Gypsies (6 seats each) and 20 canters (18 seater open roof) every day. Book early (90-100 days in advance) to get a Gypsy.
Photography: Still cameras no charges. Video cams: Rs 400 each.
Dressing: Wear earthy colours so as not to disturb the animals. Light woolens in winter and cool cottons with a hat in summer.

For more background info on the forest, topography, monuments etc the reader may refer to an excellent blog by Aditya Singh 'Dicky' at:

More when we get there soon! Those of you who have been there, tips are welcome!

Bye till then.

  Ghumakkad Harsh/ 25th March 13

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Happy browsing.

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__________________________ Ranthambor Prelude _______________________

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sparks Forever

___________________ A Movie on Valsura by a Valsurian _________________

Hi All Sparkies!

Here is a short 11-minute film on Valsura.
It was made by a Valsurian to commemorate the knighthood of another Sparky- Cmde (Retd) PS Lamba and 40th year Reunion of few Valsurians of 1973-75 era.

Please increase the volume during voice over. Double click the link below and enjoy the film.

Harsh the Ghumakkad

__________________  End of movie __________________

Monday, 18 March 2013

World Sparrow Day 20th March 2013

__________________ Where are the Sparrows? _____________________

Another occurance of World Sparrow Day on 20th March. But what has the mankind done? Where have all the sparrows gone?
Poor 'House Sparrow' has abandoned the houses. At least in the cities. In the villages/suburbs we can still spot it. What are the reasons for its migration from common households?
One theory is the cell phones. Concentration of cell phone towers drives it away. May be true.

We really miss the twitter of this great bird. Tiny and not so colourful, yet it added to the 'life' in our homes in yesteryears. So much so that the 'signalman' in the Army was also called a Sparrow!

Here is a picture taken recently in Bandipur. It was nesting in the wooden ceiling logs of the reception hut of Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, India. Very friendly indeed. Wonder when will it return to our house?

Bye till then,

   Harsh- the Ghumakkad

___________________________ World Sparrow Day 2013 __________________________

Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Grandpa turns Sixty

____________________ Harsh Turned Sixty ___________________

3rd Jan 2012 when Ghumakkad turned sixty. Here are a few pictures.
We are grateful to God almighty and all the friends who travelled across the globe to bless the grandpa!

It has already been a year since the 60th bash! But it seems just the other day-- thanks to the love and affection of all the friends.

See you again-- may be on 65th or 70th birthday!

   - Ghumakkad HB

___________________ End of pictures 60th Bash ______________