Monday, 18 March 2013

World Sparrow Day 20th March 2013

__________________ Where are the Sparrows? _____________________

Another occurance of World Sparrow Day on 20th March. But what has the mankind done? Where have all the sparrows gone?
Poor 'House Sparrow' has abandoned the houses. At least in the cities. In the villages/suburbs we can still spot it. What are the reasons for its migration from common households?
One theory is the cell phones. Concentration of cell phone towers drives it away. May be true.

We really miss the twitter of this great bird. Tiny and not so colourful, yet it added to the 'life' in our homes in yesteryears. So much so that the 'signalman' in the Army was also called a Sparrow!

Here is a picture taken recently in Bandipur. It was nesting in the wooden ceiling logs of the reception hut of Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, India. Very friendly indeed. Wonder when will it return to our house?

Bye till then,

   Harsh- the Ghumakkad

___________________________ World Sparrow Day 2013 __________________________