Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Value-based Leadership

Can we live with values in today's world?
What is value-based leadership? Is it mere theory?
How does it help an organisation? 
Can we develop business leaders who practice the values?
Are values only for the website of a company?

All this and much more.
Ghumakkad had the privilege to interact with senior technology leaders of an MNC ranked 5th in Fortune-500. It was most satisfying to share some real-life experiences to bring out the power of values. People like Dr Abdul Kalam who lived by his values, came to mind. You may browse 'The Missile Goes Silent'- my tribute to this great son of India. It brings out some of the values which he practiced. 
Some of you may say 'But everyone is not Dr Abdul Kalam'! Agreed. There are countless others who have excelled in their lives and retained their values. A sample of 50 such 'commoners' can be browsed in our book a preview of which appeared in an earlier story 'BITS of Success is Released'.

The discussions covered a wide spectrum with participants sharing their challenges. Am happy that we could address their real-life issues. An enriching workshop for me indeed! 

Unlike other posts, this time no pictures.

Would like to end with a quote by Thomas Jefferson who said, 'In matters of style swim with the current, but in matters of principle, stand like a rock'. You may browse this PQ- Picturesque Quote- in our earlier post 'River and Rocks'.

You are welcome to post your comments and experiences on this very apt topic.
Thanks for browsing.

      - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 30th May 2018

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