Monday, 16 January 2017

BITS Alumni Global Meet

All of us love our college or school days. When college or school alumni come together, time seems to freeze and a quick rewind of days gone by takes place! 
Ghumakkad was in Dubai earlier this year to attend a Global Alumni Meet of his college BITS Pilani. The meet was called BGM-17 i.e. BITS Alumni Global Meet 2017. Last two global meets were held in Delhi/Gurgaon (2011) and Hyderabad (2014). You can browse a short story on BGM-14 at Hyderabad by clicking here.

The main venue for BGM-17 was Dubai campus of BITS Pilani. Ghumakkad's earlier story on Dubai campus can be browsed here.
BGM lasted three days. Detailed program can be accessed at this link.

This picture story captures the BGM-17 and the bonhomie which was so visible.

This dance form is unique. Very elegant, swaying movements and minimal music. A short 30 seconds video for you to appreciate it.

The main foyer of BITS campus was tastefully decorated by student volunteers. Glimpses.

The scene then shifted to World Trade Centre Dubai for a gala evening with cocktails and dinner. BITS students had put up some amazing dance performances. The evening also had an interesting talk by Dr Pawan Agarwal of Mumbai Dabbawalas.
Please pardon the hazy shot below as I hadn't carried the DSLR to the venue.

Postscript: BITSians from batches across a generation bond with each other. This was proven when Shilpa Mathew, a 2004 graduate of Dubai campus (the first batch) met us from 1973 graduates at the dinner. In Shilpa's words: "Thank you for your company during the event & for featuring me in your pics. Bravo for having summed up the event so well, lovely pics! I had such a great time with you, Anand Sir, Radhika Ma'am and your batch. As I said earlier, I think I found myself the most happening table to join !!!"  
Shilpa added "Spent Ten years working in Technology strategy & management in the financial industry. Now pursuing another graduate degree in Chicago in Design Thinking and Innovation methods. Excited about where this new chapter will take me!"
Shilpa's picture below conveys the warmth of BITSians even though 31 years apart! From L-R: Shilpa (2004), Radhika (1973). Farida (Anand's wife) and Prem Jain (1973)- partially hidden.

The BGM culminated in an Arabian Nite in Dubai desert.

You can feel the strong breeze and flying sand in this 30 second video.

The camp site was built using eco-friendly materials.

Climbing and walking barefoot in desert sand is so soothing. Hope you agree with the picturesque quote (PQ) below.

Lo and behold!

Our alumni band called NYOTH - Not Yet Over The Hill-- also performed at the desert camp. They have performed at all three BGMs thus far. A short video for you.

The Sun may have set on BGM-17, but the alumni spirit lives on. We now look forward to BGM-20 in 2020 at Goa under the stewardship of Sunil Nanda and team. All the best buddies.

Talking of the sand and the sun, I came across an anonymous quotation. Here is the picturesque quote (PQ) for you.
Dubai has many other attractions including the Burj-Khalifa, shopping malls, Gold Souk, Dhow cruise and so on. But Dubai also has teeming bird life. Ghumakkad was fortunate to 'shoot' some birds at a wetland. Detailed story will follow. A glimpse for you.
Thanks for browsing.
Please do share your experiences or pictures of the BGM or Dubai.
      - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 16th Jan 2017

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