Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Communication is Existence

"Why do we communicate?" was the question to all the participants of a two-year full time program leading to Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management (PGDHM). And the answers ranged from-- to exchange ideas, information and knowledge, to express ourselves, to understand each other, to state our needs, to explain things, events or phenomenon and so on.

Can we then say that communication is 'existence'. Without communication we would be like prisoners in a solitary cell-- cut off from rest of the world. How long can you survive without communication? When people feel so helpless without their cell phone even for a day, what would it be if communication was barred from their life?

Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) Hyderabad had invited me to conduct a workshop on 'Inter-personal Skills' for PGDHM course. Do healthcare professionals also need such skills?

Ghumakkad's previous tryst with medical professionals was at the Cardiological Society of India's (CSI) annual convention few months ago. You may browse the story here. A picture from CSI convention is reproduced below.

The motto of ASCI from Rigveda says:
"Let us be together;
Let us interact together; and
May our minds comprehend together" 
The sessions were conducted in a workshop mode.The pedagogy comprised video cases, role plays, interactive discussions and learning together. Few pictures.

During the tea break, I noticed some hand drawn posters on a wall. Closer look revealed these had been created by teams of participants. Kudos to their OB faculty for engaging the participants in such a creative manner. Sample the three posters below.

I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with these healthcare professionals in the making. We closed the session with a quotation from James Humes.
In today's cellphone-dominated world, life is not complete without a selfie!

Ghumakkad thanks ASCI for this wonderful opportunity.
Hope you enjoyed browsing this short story.

   - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad/ 8th Nov 2016