Monday, 3 October 2016

Havelock the Fun Place

"You are never too old for chocolates"-- was an old advertisement. It showed a thrilled granny having a big chocolate bite. We the young grandparents re-lived the advertisement albeit a bit modified.
"You are never too old for splashing in the sea!"
After the ferry ride from Port Blair, disembarkation and short bus haul, we reached our resort in Havelock Island. Sea Shell Hotel and Resort at Havelock Island simply charmed us. This picture story captures the ambiance, beauty of the beach and the spirited mood of all 26 of us. We did not look even a bit tired on reaching the resort. We stayed there for two nights, three days. Like the rooms the food was also excellent. 
Just in case you missed browsing the previous story on Port Blair, click here.
Apart from Ghumakkad, the pictures for this story have been contributed by all naval veterans and spouses of FFA gang. What is FFA-- read here.

 After a quick check-in, everybody was out to admire the greenery and sea view. Hundreds of pictures got shot. Couples posed and re-posed!

 The resort has been beautifully laid out with ample open spaces. All the structures are made of locally grown wood. Even the serving counters in the dining hall are made of tree trunks. The walkway to all the rooms are nicely lit up at night. Pictures.

The bar has been aptly named 'Fluidz'. A glimpse of the bar.

The rains kept playing hide and seek with us. But it added to the charm of Havelock.
By now, the tide had come in. It was difficult to remain ashore. Time to dive in!

You can see the mangroves behind Harsh and GR in the picture below. They are part of the marine eco-system in Andamans.

 As the group in the water became bigger, there was more noise, more fun. See a short 40-second video shot by Neeta on her cell phone. Don't miss the synchronised jump by the 'young oldies'!

"Time and tide wait for none" is not to convey a negative thought. But to reassure us that the tide will come again like a wave of happiness and joy. We need to enjoy the tide of our life.

While the days were spent at the beaches, snorkeling or scuba diving (more stories will follow), we played some creatively designed games in the evening. Special thanks go to Kausalya Govindan and Ramya Champion for this great effort. Few pictures of the games:

Those waiting for pictures of other well known beaches of Havelock, wait till the next post. You will see Radha Nagar Beach, Elephant Beach and Kala Pathar Beach soon.

Do share your experience of Havelock if you have been there before.

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   - Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with Neeta Bhargava/ 3rd Oct 2016

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     Harsh-the-Ghumakkad with Neeta Bhargava/ 30th Dec 2016

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